My own Review


I’ve been using for a year now, runned multiple websites where I had my own domain and all I can say it’s AWESOME!!
here are few hoaxes and myths I have heared before and today I wanted to clarify to others:

  1. NOT TRUE - Banned any time for almost anything.
  2. NOT TRUE - Sometimes they warn you about suspension, but they never help you solve the problems.
  3. PARTLY TRUE - No actual free support, all help comes from a community based web hosting forum. Live chat PRO support is for paid plans only.
  4. NOT TRUE - Difficulties in updating platforms such as Wordpress (needs to be done manually). Thanks to autoinstaller, you can install your wordpress in one click, and update it via WP panel same in few clicks.
  5. NOT TRUE - Slow or inactive servers at many occasions. Are you kidding me, it’s faster than hostgator or godaddy, go and take trials with them and set uptime robot. You’ll be surprised that free 000webhost web hosting is faster than paid over promoted brands! Thanks to true cloud based infrastructure!
  6. NOT TRUE - Their affiliate program is one of the worst scams around (no one has ever been paid). Here I am and I have already been paid $150.
  7. NOT TRUE - Their “we will soon enable these features” page is a fake just to attract visitors. They will never enable them for free users, ever. Stupid claim, have you heard about their new world first free web hosting cloud based infrastructure? They have launched it some time ago and it’s killer! New Cpanel is amaze, too! Thanks guys.
  8. NOT TRUE - At one time they banned free users from using the backup tool. What? Looks like competitors have nothing to lie more here.
  9. NOT TRUE - Can be a problem when switching to another webhosting company since they are using a customized cpanel. (I got some help by Hostgator doing this). Absolutely lie! You can migrate anytime you want, you have full access to FTP and phpMyadmin, so you can backup any files or databases with no worries.

Go and check it. it’s FREE!

So, I guess you get the idea who writes those fake reviews - paid competitors!
These 000webhost servers are still faster tho than many paid web hosts!


Hi Unholy. Are you using a free or paid service? Just curios here.


He is using free hosting.


I’ve used both, free and paid, of course paid services are better, no doubts!