My site behaves in a weird way


I created my first site. After a few weeks, I thought it would be a good idea to improve it. After appending the changes, the site doesn’t always work. Locally, my site works fine all the time. After that, I replaced all my files with the working backup files. Not even the previous version works now. I deleted all the files with “File manager” and what i see is a file being born out of nowhere. What is going on ??

ps: Once, I had a web worker create the mentioned file, but the worker’s code is not used anymore.


What is your website?


I read some log_files and show the each one’s line
I also update a txt containing current time


Link of your website?


Your website is just working fine

Try clearing your browsers cache


done it, nothing changed
it still doesn’t show the sensory data


It means it is not deleted if you have did it. Go to your file manager from here and delete it


i just deleted it, reset, and re uploaded,


Wait for a staff member to look into it


Should these files exist or not?


I think I might have found the issue?


I removed the .txt on the end and now the page renders a bit better with less errors.


That was a silly mistake of mine. Thanks. I am new to all this. How were you able to modify my own files ?? Do we also have a debugger ??


I use Google Chrome which has the inspection function, and I’m a staff member with regards to modifying files.