My site disappeared from my account


my site was work till yesterday but today i tried to open my site but this message appears

and when i tried to login to my account i haven’t no site in my account on 000web host and i coudn’t find my username :- a5697595

my site is


@TotaNader If you have a backup…Upload it


when i go to my 000web host account i couldn’t find the site in my websites list
and when i use Filezilla i couldn;t find the directory public_html


Do you have a old panel or a new one??


till yesterday i had old panel but now i have new panel


Ok so this happened due to migration of your account.

Give it some time…till the migration of your account gets fully completed.
Once completed your data should be back.


OK, i’ll wait for it


my site didn’t back yet what’s happens please help me i’ll lose all of my work and my clients i want to back to the Old panel


My site also encountered a similar situation

Just to be home:

And the article can not be viewed

I’m not sure if the backup data up my site is working normally again :frowning:

I will wait for the end of today 000webhost


i’m have the same problem in articles in addition to my home page redirect to
this is my site


@TotaNader Can you log in to 000webhost account??


I deleted the file away, and ups htacess old .htacess file on

My internal links are crossed as the picture below
What should I do to fix?

My site is:


But i see that…your website links are working fine!!!
Also check with your script once script once!!!


How to fix it bro? Show me


yes i can log in but i couldn’t find my site in me account


Using the details you’ve always used to access your account try visiting

The fact that I cannot load your website nor you aren’t seeing it within your control panel probably means it has been deleted due to inactivity?


but it was active till 2 February and i was seen it in my account in the old panel


Not sure what is the link above doing for you?


nothing the site isn’t there i built another one now hope it work again all of my work destroyed


The link I’ve posted should be clicked once logged out from so you can visit the page I’ve posted without any errors, once logged in using the details you used to login to the old control it should load the old panel…