My site is redirected from to help please


my site is redirected from url to please tell how to change it…


@sandeep12407 I see you’ve not parked your domain.
1)First park your domain using nameservers,
2) Then log in to your wordpress admin panel,
3) Now go to “Settings” >> “General” and update “site” and “wordpress” with your domain name.

This will fix your issue. :slight_smile:


my site is not on wordpress


@sandeep12407 I see this website has wordpress files.

what kind of website is yours??

open this site and see url


@sandeep12407 Let me check,
what script is this??


@sandeep12407 If you’ve recently installed this script, then install it again.

This time while installing select your custom domain name, not subdomain


no i can’t reinstall now


Ok, let me check,

what open source script is this??

I suggested you to reinstall those scripts because some scripts needs to configured before they are installed.


okay tell me the whole procedure


@sandeep12407 As this has nothing to do with 000webhost,
I would suggest to post your issue here, so that they can guide you on “how to change url?”.


okay thanks
for the help


Let us know if your issue is solved or not.

If you have any other issues, let us know. :slight_smile: