My site sleeping again?


My website slept overnight for 4 good hours only to start getting the lazy website to start working, it fell asleep again. seriously?


Hi @QuinnRoyalty
Why is the link of your website?



I have similar problem here. My app is supposed to sleep from 2:00 AM to 6:00 AM GMT+1. Today at 9:52 AM app was sleeping and timer on my applist said it will be asleep for another 8 minutes. After that time the timer disappeard but the page is still inactive.

“Why?” button is showing me usual “To suffice you all with equally high quality services…” message. I also tried deleting the cookies and logout/login but nothing works.

Can anybody tell me what is happening?


@mantas.daraciunas here is an issue look at it


My app address is

I can now visit my page, but it is still shown as “Inactive” in my applist.


As this feature is new so it have some bugs and they will be fixed soon


We are investigating now.


@QuinnRoyalty I see no sleeping times on your account for your forum registered email, what sites are affected?


Everything is back to normal for now.

Thank you!


#11 that’s the link


Developer is checking now.


it’s working now. the sleep is gone







Well… it is happening again. My site is up and running, but on my account it says that it is inactive and i can’t change any settings, look at statistics etc.

Checked sleeping times yesterday: 1:00 AM - 5:00 AM GMT+1. It’s 7:23 AM GMT+! in my country now.

Looks like this issue is kinda stubborn.


same here, my website is sleeping in cpanel but in reality it’s working


As this is a new feature so it have some bugs. Admins will fix it soon


A developer was working on this issue yesterday unsure if he resolved it I will contact again now, sorry again!


I see no sleeping issues presently.


I hope the issue is resolved now the developer has confirmed there was fixes released today and it might have caused issues, everything should be smooth from now on and the sleeping time is now 1 hour :slight_smile:
Please confirm or report back if there are more issues on your end!