My Website and Emails are Not Working 2017


Hello, I was not aware that 000webhost was migrating everyone to a new system and have been caught out and now need help to get our websites back up and running and our emails too.

We have two websites and

When I logged in to the members area on 000webhost the look had completely changed and it showed we had no websites or ways to log in to our emails in the usual way.

In trying to fix things and follow other tutorials I ended up parking the fouroakscarpentry domain and since then our emails have stopped working! I need some direct help please to see what I can salvage. Getting our emails back up and running is the major priority for me please.

I look forward to hearing from someone soon please.


Login to and add two applications one for each domain, then head to set web address on each application and park your domains, once parked upload your sites or create sites using Site Builder or WordPress.
You can also create email forwarders i.e. to forward to