My website can't be access


Hi, my website can’t be access…it takes forever to load…i’ve already tried to clear my cache and delete my browser history but still can’t be access…pls help…

i go to “isitdownrightnow” to check whether is down for me only or everyone…but seems like everyone also can;t be access…its being like can’t access for 4 days


Are you using many plugins? 000webhost is good for a few plugins but too many are your site will stall out. has no limits which would be better suited if you have more than a couple plugins needed.


I renamed your wp-content/plugins folder to plugins_original and your site came instantly back up.

I’ve a feeling you are running too many plugins to cope on free hosting.


Oic…Thanks Man! erm…what is the advisable plugins amount for free hostng?


I run 3 myself and the site loads timely enough but I personally don’t have a number off the top of my head that is too many, basically when your site stalls is when it is too many, take plugins you ultimately don’t NEED off one by one and see when it comes back online.


OK understood. Thanks again for your help :slight_smile:


Sorry :slight_smile:
If you have a static IP at your place of business it wouldn’t take much power to run a small WP website if you’ve the hardware lying around :stuck_out_tongue:


erm…how about the hardware requirement?


XAMPP or IIS running on a Windows computer with somewhat good amount of RAM I would expect to perform fine for a small website providing your ISP provides a static IP and a good up/down speed.


ok will consider about it…and also will propose to company…but it’s up to company to buy my idea…haha…btw really appreciate what you’ve helped :slight_smile: