My website deleted


Hi, can you tell me why my website deleted? what happened to my database? it’s very important cause it was used by my client. Can you give me any explanation why it got deleted? And why I don’t get warning for deletion?


Websites were removed because they had no traffic during a period of time which is considered inactive. Inactive accounts are removed on regular basis.


Usually there’ll be an email to notice me about it, but this time there isn’t any. So why didn’t send me an email notifier?
Also, I don’t think it didn’t had traffic cause my client used it all the time. My website didn’t has a page, it’s an API.
Because of this mess, my client very upset and I have a chance to lost this project.
Please return the database at least. Thank you.


Can you not just re-upload your script and database to a new hosting account here or another host?


Of course I will if I could. The problem is the database is not backed up yet. the last backup was 8/20th. The API is fine, I have it on my local. I can reupload it. The thing is the database.
What’s annoy me is they didn’t send me any notification or email or anything. He said it was the traffic, but can he proof it? Cause my client said, it was ridiculous answer. Cause the API was used almost everyday. How can it didn’t have any traffic?


I think you’ll just have to reupload and continue from when the backup was last taken I do website backups including databases weekly if they are a popular/ required tool/script.

You should keep your account active by logging into your control panel and also by visiting your website/getting others to regularly if you want your hosting to stay active.
System regularly cleans up “inactive” accounts and removes them to save server resources, the script will only remove when inactivity has been detected for a period of time.


Look man, I fully understand about it. But, can’t you read??? MY CLIENT ACCESS THE PAGE (API) ALMOST EVERYDAY! HOW CAN YOU SAY IT HAS NO TRAFFIC??? I’m not some newbie here. Also, usually it send an email about inactivity of a website, but mine didn’t. WHY??? why didn’t notice me about deletion? why didn’t email me about inactivity if it really was???
Is it easy for you to lost your prospected client??? WELL, I DON’T!!! This is just a bulls***


I am having the same problem today that you are (except my site was not critical with clients), my website was deleted, completely from the site too without notification, I did not receive the normal notifications about its impending deletion either… the emails about account deletion are NOT being sent.


No I don’t think the inactivity emails have been sent for a while, if your site is active it will remain, if it isn’t the system seems to delete it.

I am in no way part of 000webhost just a general free web hosting user, I can read what you are saying but this is free hosting, keep weekly backups and you are fine if anything goes wrong as you can re-upload in minutes!

Prospective client would have purchased the premium hosting to avoid inactivity issues like this and better hosting on a whole.