My website doesn't show up!


Each time I log in, my website doesn’t pop up, and this message appears: “An internal error occurred. Our developers have already been notified.” Is there anything I can do to fix this??? Please help!


Same! I have an assignment due tommorw, this sucks.


Did you check your htaccess?


by the way, i have also problem with my webiste


Try after some time…as developers are working on this to fix this soon!!!


It’s working now! Definitely wasn’t htaccess…



Great to hear it is back! Sorry for any inconvenience, happy website building!


Thanks! I HAVE ANOTHER PROBLEM!!! MY FILES DON’T LOAD AND IT KEEPS SAYING THAT IT’S REDIRECTING TO THE FTP OR WHATEVER THAT IS. I spent 1 minute on that screen and it’s not loading. Therefore, I can’t edit my website!


I log out and log back to fix this issue, it was redirecting me to show my sites instead of taking me to the file manager :frowning:
I use FileZilla as well which is a lot better in my opinion than the file manager, if you want to take a look at the tutorials section on how to use it?


OK. I’ll try that. Hopefully it works.


Do post back with any issues you encounter! :frowning: