My website has gone on a 4 hour sleep twice


About 12am, my site went to sleep as scheduled for its “4” hours. It did not become active for 6 hours after which i had a 5 minute window to carry out work before it went back into yet ANOTHER 4 hour unscheduled sleep.
This is highly disruptive so i have began migration from your hosting but still need access to my files. Can someone wake it up?
my domain is


@mantas.daraciunas attention please :slight_smile:


Update, has migrated and is up and running but is still locked to your nameserver and still sleeping.
I found how to access my files via the back door to my file manager (, however, my site is still sleeping and i am curious as to why?
I have not violated anything, have only 5 pages so your bandwidth is safe. Why should i experience 2 “4” hour sleeps? Although realistically, its more like 6 hour sleeps each leg.


This 4 hours sleep is applied to almost all new users




@mantas.daraciunas can you investigate?




This is your app sleeping times
00:00:00 - 04:00:00 (GMT+0)
Please wait a day and tell ua again wbat happens.


Want to ask, my first use of Web site, did not encounter this problem, delete the account, re registration appeared! have anything to do with it?


New users get this sleeping option only :slight_smile:




you need a wait while, such as the case after 12 hours




I’m not 100% sure what you mean sorry? @tianfa