My website is offline


I don't know why. It stopped working few hours ago. here is my website
You can browse it through a snapshot that provided by Cloudflare, which i've been using for CDN.
I went to my cpanel, and everything seems fine.
What should I do?

Thank you!


Can you post a screenshot of your CloudFlare setup?

Also what is your address or are you using the old panel which won't have this address.
Many thanks.


My 000website address is
which cloudflare setting page you would like me to take a screenshot of?


And I noticed that there's an error when I try to manage my Database,
It says Error

Static analysis:

2 errors were found during analysis.

Unrecognized keyword. (near "CHARACTER SET" at position 4)
Unexpected token. (near "'utf8'" at position 18)
SQL query: Edit Edit


MySQL said: Documentation

9001 - Max connect timeout reached while reaching hostgroup 2 after 10000ms


This one please also does your website load when you click the link above to the 000webhostapp one directly?


and it doesn't load


I have this same problem when I try to manage my database.


Did you solve it? Or is your website working while you can't access to your database?


I've only been using the database. But the link to my website does show the default 000webhost page


Well, that should be something else went wrong. Maybe it's the codes.
Is there any tool that I can check which file or line causes my website down?


This website helps me a bit,
By following its instruction, I found my website is down due to the programming error, and it suggests me to check the Apache error log for clues.
So any ideas about where can I find that error log?


I have the same problem as you guys. When accessing through phpMyAdmin, I get the

error. Programmatically accessing i get this error: "Warning: mysqli_num_rows() expects parameter 1 to be mysqli_result, boolean given in xxxxxx on line xxxx....." .

I know that it's not a programmatic error because I haven't changed the code and has worked fine for the last 2 weeks.

The MySQL database server is down but it's a different problem now than it was 2 weeks ago. Their database seems to be down a lot and is really unreliable... :frowning:


turn off the yellow cloud


I deleted all the files from File Manager, and uploaded Backups. My website loads, but super slow...


If you upload an index.html page then the standard page will be removed on your website


Your website loads now Robin via the domain you've purchased and looks fine.


It's very unstable, sometimes it's down, sometimes it backs online.


How long have you been with 000webhost and have you many visitors?

It may be worthwhile upgrading to the premium hosting which is very cheap?