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Hello everyone,
I need to know how my website is because some people say it looks bad, and some say it’s good, so I can’t tell, really. I made it from scratch. Positive Criticism will be appreciated! Thank you.

P.S I’m talking about the new interface, not the new one. :slight_smile:
And the bottom area will be used for the footer, tags and links. >:D

Old Interface:




Er… :confused:


The new interface is the new design that I want you guys to critisize on, which is the first link (main one) I’m referring you people to. i.e The old design that sucks is :slight_smile:


do you made this text to kill our eyes??? :smiley: all is ok but change text shadow… it is very hard to watch…


I noticed you have a cool spamming program called the Gmail Email Bomber. Read the [url=]TOS here. The link is down but still… Be careful on what you offer.

The new “interface” is better than the old one. The text needed some work, the interface have dark background so avoid using dark text.

You don’t have to include your url in the banner image. If you really need the url to show in the banner then use HTML and CSS to format.

The drop-down menu for the graphics have text centered. Also my graphics display doesn’t have any icons to indicate it has a child menu.


Hello, thanks for the feedback. I’ve updated the website again with better text a footer and a stats bar. also with some jquery implementations.
Thanks for the tip on the banner, I’ll do that. :smiley:

My “Gmail Email Bomber” is only a software. according to rule no.4 of the TOS it talks about scripts e,g mailto(); Nothing about softwares. :stuck_out_tongue: and it will hosted on my dropbox, I won’t be uploading any of my programs on the website. :slight_smile:

umm, The menu is supposed to be centered? and child menus are working perfectly…? I’ve tested it on chrome and firefox…

Thanks again for the feedback and please have another view at the website for the new update which removed the eyes killer text as requested and the footer. ^^


that is much better… you have syntax error on line 26 in the contact.php page :smiley:


ah, thanks for telling me… Fixed by the way. :smiley:


The site looks nice, but I think you should use text of a lighter colour. It isn’t visible properly. Otherwise, the site looks cool!!


Your website looks very unprofessional, the graphics look terriable. So you should work on then first… Give it another 6 months and maybe you can make something decent.


if you are a noob in web development, it’s nice…

you should read more about it ; )

some important rules :

color template, not more than 3…4 colors and must be appropriate colors

use an understandable font and appropriate size

try to use sprites and small images :wink: it will be faster

use intuitive navigation… if a link does not exist yet… don’t use it :wink:

see you in the next version : D


I think, looking at your homepage that there are too many different colors at the moment. The interface is nice though :slight_smile:

Good luck!


Thanks for the tips F3rr31r4! I’ll keep those in mind! :slight_smile:
Thanks sjojo, I’ll be making a proper color template for it shortly after a project I’m working on. :smiley:


May be its my internet service provider problem. I can’t access all of your site libks above. Are you working on something or? I tried out the “Gmail bomber” website and for its loading but not any of your links. May be checking on later will work for me.


I’ll be releasing a better update soon, it’s a huge one, I need to make ids for every one of my project and add it to the database with a unique id, and blah blah.

Other than that, it should work… All of my friends say it works, and it works with me. Try resetting your router… P.S The Gmail Bomber thingy is dead, I’ll be removing all of those in a matter of few weeks/months. :L


I find the best way is to look around other website’s to get concepts and Idea’s then open up photoshop and incorporate the Idea’s together creating your own design. . . . .

It is very simple to make a good looking site because simplicity is key in most designs I’ve made a few website that aren’t “hard” to make but because they are so simple they tend to look good.

I designed this yesterday didn’t take me very long to create infact and it is simple yet still looks good… Obviously it isn’t a finished product it was just a concept.

My folio is also very simple: also the tablet version is simple:

So as I was saying with Most site’s I find simplicity is key for beauty…

And also the design is half of the battle then you have the coding to come. . . .


I totally agree! Before I just wanted to fill the css, but you’re right! Simplicity is the key! Thanks for the feedback! :smiley:


The menu is supposed to be centered?


Completely full of mysql errors at the moment. No content displaying at all.


I love what you’ve done here.

Website Under Construction! View the Blog for more information!

Pretty clever too. Not a lot of administrators really put u that sign.