Need a team


Hey all,
We (TutGear) are searching for new members to move our project out in the global web. Till now we have been working only in Latvia, but well a country with ~2,5 million people is not really the best place to work.
What is our project about ?
Simple: As you can tell from the name of it - tutgear, we are another tutorial site. We run few forums with tutorials on graphics/Os and other stuff.

Anyway, we are looking for people that would like to start their own project. You would be running the english site and of course receive most of the ad generated revenue.
Our adress:
If you’re interested or have any other questions contact us: or (2nd is being checked more often).


i get redirected to an error page (

Tiek veikti uzlabošanas darbi ! Atgriezies vēlāk. administrācija.


I sent an email to the second one, and I’m Polish, so I’m a little familiar with Latvian.


We’re reseting the forum at the moment. So the page is down. it will be back onlin e this week.
alexpja, i received the email :wink:
English forum/web is still under construction. main page will provide a link to english version and latvian version. We’re still looking for people that can run the english version, so that me and 2nd administrator can work on the technical side of boath of the projects.


Sounds fun, when I see the real website instead of the error message I might get back to ya. :slight_smile:


I doubt anyone will reply as this is a 7yrs old post.