Need DNS records cleared...Please help


I originally parked my website so that it would be hosted over 000webhostservices but now I have changed my mind. I deleted the parked website and cleared the linked account but my website keeps getting directed back to 000sebhost servers… can someone please help… I believe I just need the DNS registrar cleared


Who is your registrar?


I am not sure what that means… but basically I want to use another web host so I deleted my account with 000webhost. but my website keeps getting directed back to 000webhost… how can I fix this?


You have to change your nameservers to your new hosting provider :slight_smile:


both my domain name and host are godaddy


Then change your nameservers to godaddy ones :wink:


I set both the DNS and name servers back to default on godaddy but my website still keeps getting redirected to


the name servers on my godaddy account are default godaddy name servers…so why does my website keep directing me back to 000webhost?


Godaddy DNS propagation is slow, please wait :slight_smile:


ok thank you…I will wait