Need help with sitemap


new to 000webhost.

i see there is sitemap.xml at file manager section.

my domain is primehouseproductions dot com

linked site is openairphotobooth.000webhostapp dot com

sitemap shows all urls with linked site, so i manually changed to my domain urls and saved it. today, when i checked sitemap dot xml file, it was changed back to linked website urls - why would it do that?

so i created new sitemap file as newsitemap.xml with my domain urls and i will use this sitemap to submit to google webmaster tools.

google is having some issue indexing, i see all my urls in google when i do site://mydomain but they have yet to be indexed…



I really did not get it.
SITEMAP XML can be generated manually, but in your case I understand that it is generated dynamically by some system (PHP).
If so tell which system is used.


i found sitemap.xml file at>public_html>zyro>sitemap.xml
this file already contained all urls with liked site meaning openairphotobooth.000webhostapp dot com and other pages.

i then changed it to http://www.primehouseproductions .com manually and saved it.

submitted the sitemap to google

today, when i checked the sitemap.xml file it was no longer showing me my domain url… it got updated back to linked urls i.e. openairphotobooth.000webhostapp dot com


ignore that sitemap and create the new one in the public_html section if that doesnt work go up further than public_html and put it there


I created file called mysitemap.xml under public_html and submitted to google search console

Google did not index yet for some reason

Though it shows all my site when I do site://mydomain in google


it takes google atleast a few days to index your website