Need help with this


The installer was unable to detect any database support in PHP. Please ask your host to ensure that PHP was compiled with the desired database, or that the proper extension is being loaded.

What do i do here


What PHP version do you require?


Where do i find out that?


What script are you trying to install?

#5 this one


I recommend you install stable version 2.0.14 else you change PHP version under then general settings


Okey thx, i tried to Connect to from filezilla but it did not work. what port do i use? since i used 21 as the port


and i triied to extract it and i got this Message:

ftp_mkdir(): Can’t create directory: File exists


FileZilla is

user: user from
password : ___________
security: plain / none

use Site Manager on FileZilla top left.


Cheers but i got this Message

ftp_mkdir(): Can’t create directory: File exists


You need to rename or make another directory.


I have tried that but it wount work


Just refresh the page, it should appear.


Thanke you, i did manage to fix it but now i have another probelm to install it.

Fill in the name of the database you want to use for SMF to store its data in. If this database does not exist, this installer will try to create it.

How do i do this


Using Manage Database on you create a database, user and password.