New email smtp is not supplied


If you migrated your account once migrated you will need to delete your old account as far as I am aware.

If you have an old panel account with then you signed up to a new account with it can cause issues.

  1. Login to your old panel
  2. Go to migration page and proceed move account details.
  3. You will be able to login to old panel and new panel at the same time (Email address must be the same)
  4. Backup files to your computer via FTP
  5. Backup database to your computer via PHPMYADMIN
  6. Create new website in new panel
  7. Upload files and databases to new website.
    – Use file manager in Upload files section, How to upload files to 000webhost?
    How to create a MySQL database on 000webhost.
    How to Import MySQL Database on 000webhost
  8. Use old domain for your new website (Set Web Address section)
  9. Additionally, recheck if your website had cronjobs, redirects, password protected folders, IP deny rules, hotlink protections and setup it on new panel if needed.
  10. Setup mail forwarders if you use custom domain. This tutorial should help you out
  11. Setup subdomains. Check previous section Major changes between two system
    1. If everything is working correctly, terminate your old account and enjoy the new panel!


On your paid hosting do you have this option?

So you pay for > can host and > all under one paid account?


Unfortunately I don’t want to change the apparent domain name of .scot


Er you shouldn’t need to like if you own you can host under it.


It says that you should delete the old account after checking that the new one works.
I have checked the FTP config for the new “” site and it is as follows:-
Username: gamopetalous-visit
Password: (my password)
For my old “” site, it’s as follows:-
Username: a3615349
Password: (my password)
I have just uploaded a pile of files to my old panel web site and the were fast as usual



So when you connect to the old panel FTP can you upload files?

As far as I can see your domain is linked to a new panel account but I cannot say which email will let you login as I do not know.
I know you can upload files to your site using your FTP details

So > is linked to the 000webhostapp url > new account


Thanks I see my new panel contents and have copied the link to a safe place but I am not sure what to do next.
I will try and log in on the “” and see what happens ?


The answer is I got the old panel again !


You might not be keen on it but you could hit message and PM your email & password that you are logging in with and I can have a wack else I’ll keep thinking


As I don’t have compromising info in it I will try.
I just connected with FTP to the new one and managed to upload one file before being timed out so I closed the software and opened it again but this time I couldn’t connect to the site.
I have tried again and looked carefully at the connecting text and found this:-
Socket connected waiting for login sequence.
220---------- Welcome to Pure-FTPd [privsep] [TLS] ----------
220-You are user number 1250 of 4096 allowed.
220-Local time is now 19:12. Server port: 21.
220-IPv6 connections are also welcome on this server.
220 You will be disconnected after 15 minutes of inactivity.
USER gamopetalous-visit
331 User gamopetalous-visit OK. Password required
PASS (hidden)
230-Your bandwidth usage is restricted
230 OK. Current restricted directory is /

So it appears the connection is limited by someone or something.
I don’t know why my new panel was connected “gamopetalous” anyway


The new panel FTP connection is shaky, and is being worked on and a resolution will be in a week or so.


By the way where is the PM Button?
Shaky is an understatement, it’s a nightmare!


If you hit the Infinity name or picture you can hit message.


Just done that and saw my message at the top in bold and worried it might be seen by others !


Nobody can see the message you’ve sent :slight_smile: