New website review

#1 This is my new website, I am learning php and mysql and did this site like an exercise, please review this site and say what you think. In this site you can post a link to audio or video, and play it there.


go to to learn php and mysql i have learned from it


I already was using w3schools, excelent place to learn.


+1 on w3schools. It’s free and the tutorials are straight forward. I think it’s the best place to learn coding.


i’d say the best place to learn php is the but to each his own…

but nice idea and nice site. the best part is that everything is functional and works

few pointers about the site imo…

  1. better add disclaimers etc, terms of use etc, if you’re gonna work on the idea and improve gonna make it public.

  2. better use dereferrer services so that the site you’re linking to does not know where the request came from.

if you don’t use a dereferrer then in case, a site where the actual resource is hosted, is taken down, then the site records will show that your website was used to share the content. but if you did then you’d be safe (to certain extent).

  1. videos … youtube support would be great


Try codeschool too. A good place for online coding tutorials


But I am linking to files not to an website, and how could I use this site?

#8 is the best website for php coding learning. I also learn to there.


if you mean, you guys should know too

Kind Regards :smiley:

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