Nighthawk's Abyss! Website Update! What do you think? :3


Hi everyone! I updated my website, and after all that time, I fixed MAJOR CSS bugs that had flopped my whole site. When I first created that template I was a noob, so that caused many html, css and php errors. Now I totally changed most of it. It looks 100% better than before. I completely re-made the menu, some pages and other stuff. I created my own module with my php functions to help with the website and do their stuff. Although, some pages like Portfolio (which will have my games/programs & website templates) & my contacts page is still under construction. I’ll also be adding a favicon and blah blah blah. I’d hate to go on about it all here, therefore I created a blog where I can explain the changes in detail. You can check my blog here. No adverting, just check the changelogs if you’re interested. I’ve got huge website templates, made and most coming up, so once I finish my portfolio page I’d add it there. Oh! And I made a new menu too. :3 I abolished the temporary menu I borrowed (yes, borrowed) from template website. Everything on my website (except for the icons) are made by me.

Please have a look and criticizing is at your utmost disposal! I’d like help to know how to make it better!

[SIZE=“4”][U][CENTER][FONT=“Lucida Sans Unicode”][COLOR=“DeepSkyBlue”]NightHawk’s Website![/COLOR][/FONT][/CENTER][/U][/SIZE]



~Last time one lad wasn’t able to visit my website due to some problems, incase that would happen to any of you, here are some screenshots [HQ].~

Feedback Please! c:


Nice work that you have here. But where are your social buttons?


Thanks! They’re at the bottom, in the social container? Right next to “Partner/Affiliates”.


Pretty cool graphics.


Hey Nighthawk, I don’t have lots of time right now to look it over, but it looks really good. It is really easy on the eyes, the color scheme is great, as well as all the mouse over effects. Graphics are amazing too :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the feedback IAMKING & Ndogg! I will be improving it further more too & updating the graphics page. :slight_smile:
Be on the look out for the upcoming portfolio page too. ^^