No access to control panel: "Waiting for email confirmation"



I want to cancel my account and my host but t I can’t do it. In my panel i can read “Waiting for email confirmation…” but i can’t send any mail to any address. I have my own domain hosted in 000webhost, but I cannot to enter in my control panel. The host and the domai worked perfectly for a time, but suddenly it was closed and when i try to reactivated this happens. I never receive any confirmation email to operate.

This is the look of the list of my accounts:

Domain Status Action Waiting for email confirmation… –

Please, I need a solution for the issue.


Are you able to go to, sign up a new account with a new email address and then try and create with the new panel to see if it works?


@Jaime1 Log out and then log in again. Your account should be moved to the new platform where you will be able to fully manage your websites.


My account has been moved to the new plattaform but there is no any information about the host nor the domain. But the host of my domain “” is working and I can’t delete the files via ftp because I have not the way to manage it.
Please, too much time with this issue. I need to delete my files and the host and make free the domain to reubicate it.
You can see it browsing yo (without www.)

Please, help me.



I’ve been trying everything for days. It was not possible to access my data. I have the web without possibility of updates or changes. I do not have access to anything, I can not cancel the data. I canceled my account. I trust that it erased everything but the web is still there.


Your domain isn’t pointing at 000webhost data nor does it respond to a 000webhost server, your data is hosted elsewhere please contact your domain registrar or your hosting provider elsewhere.