No statistics in cpanel


For some reason the statistics in the cpanel are not available. everything is on 0% even the disk space one even though i have loads of files on there…


I see the issue as well; I’ve mentioned this to administration.


yep mine looks exactly the same…


The statistics function is currently not working, admins are working on it ask we speak.


@sulliops @Infinity do you know why it’s happening? Do you know when about its gonna get fixed ?


I can’t comment on that, only the system developers. Try contacting @andrius to talk about the issue.


No but you should be fine in the meantime, you obviously know how much files you’ve got uploaded roughly and the system once max won’t let you upload any more so you will be fine it won’t impact until fixed.


TO be honest I’m not worried about the files . All i want to know is the rpm and the bandwidth used. @Infinity


Ah right well even if you could see the statistics it would offer you no options to reduce usage apart from upgrading to premium so no limits then no worry for this issue.