Not Linking js files, disable Analytics?


Hey there, working on a school project. I’ve got a simple example (from class) that, when I run in brackets, correctly links the html and js file. I’ve uploaded these two files to my 000webhost page but it doesn’t seem to be linking the js. So I’ve read alot that analytics can get in the way of things, trying to disable it. However when I enter my domain and password it continually says “Account was not found for provided domain”. I’ve changed my password a dozen times and entered every variation of “” (this is my actual domain). Any help on either ? (P.S. the example I’m trying to upload is super simple, just a html and js file. I can upload them but I’m not sure they’re the problem since it works locally)


The new system 000webhostapp for example doesn’t have analytics.

You can disable the banner bottom right using general settings under though.


Found my problem, script i was referencing on another page wasn’t https, but rather http. Theres a temp fix of allowing this, but we’ll see if i need to figure that out later on the project (I plan on working with a different API which might be https)