Not sure this is wordpress or 000webhost


spamming don’t seem to work :confused:


spamming don’t seem to work :confused:


Odd, I can see now that your domain’s CNAME is properly setup and I can access your site over SSL. It seems that the 000webhost panel doesn’t want to accept your domain yet. Try waiting an our to let the DNS fully propagate and try again.


alrighty thank you for help I hope it gets fixed this way :slight_smile:

I get this btw


Great! I do have one question, though - do you have any content on your 000webhostapp site? Whenever I try to load nothing loads.


Yes, that is what I see too.


I do have content on it.


That’s odd, it seems to be stuck in a redirect loop. Can you load the page properly?

Please provide a screenshot.


t’wont load anymore suddenly

I’ve just did simple ssl activation before everything went dark


That’s what I’m getting right now. Try deleting your .htaccess file in the File Manager.

Also, in Cloudflare, add a new record that is “www” that points to “


didn’t do much :slight_smile: that deletion

Maybe I need to add before I deleted parked and subdomain it worked…


That may be the issue then, part of your site content. Once we get your domain working it should work again.

Do that, and then let’s try to add your domain again.


How exactly I fill it in ?

Sorry im such a noob. :stuck_out_tongue:


On the left, use the dropdown menu to change “A” to “CNAME”

Then in the “Name” field put “www” without the quotes

Then in the “Domain name” field put “” without the quotes


The black thingy is back now :slight_smile:


Ah, yes, now your site can be accessed with www and without.

Now, go to your 000webhost panel and try to add your domain via CNAME point again.


dont work either… :confused: I think it’s best to put it back to parked and subdomain


No, we can figure this out - I want your site to be accessible over SSL. Give me a minute and I will look at this using one of my sites.


But SSL seemed to work before I deleted parked and subdomain.


No, 000webhost does not offer SSL for parked domains, this is why we use Cloudflare. I’m testing this issue on one of my domains, and I’ll come back with some news if I get it working. Don’t change anything with your setup until then.