Only one connection allowed to the same website


It seems I can only connect to the my website once from a single IP. In other words say I have two Chrome tabs open, one is my regular account, logged in as admin, and the other is incognito window, the incognito window is failing with a 502 and this is happening on all browsers.

This is the url:

Have you guys tried this?


Other websites also have this error. We’re currently working to resolve the issue. :slight_smile:


Thank you! But please don’t delete this ticket until issue is resolved, I may add some helpful info to it a bit later. Again thanks for the help!


Been working fine sine morning, but the 502 is happening again.


Hi @dancedj

What happens now? Is it fixed?


So far so good, but honestly if this happens again I’ll have to move my project. I know you guys offer a free service but if it constantly crashes, I’d rather pay. Fingers crossed!


Hi @dancedj

Yes. 000webhost is mostly for students to do their projects and test them. So, there may be some crashes. But if you think to go premium hostinger is the best choice.

They have a real time support. 99.9% uptime. Whatever you need.