Packages in premium


How much is premium package, is choosing a domain name part of the package?


Well, they have got a prolongation, and the premium package is now for 1.49$ and includes a free domain name :slight_smile:


1.49$ per month or year? And also can I input domainname of my choice?


Domain name of your choice, and 1.49$/month :slight_smile:


how many hours to get the premium account? i bought a 6months premium package but they did not email or something … what did i miss?


Ah, hit the dragon icon (bottom right) then the purple button, then wait in line (usually 2-10 mins) for them to connect to the live chat :slight_smile:


the need help dragon? sorry this is my 1st time to buy a package and this is my 1st time to do this kind of thing … can you guide me? thank you


Click the dragon that says “need help,” then click on “Anything Missing? Let’s Chat” at the bottom of that little prompt.


my acount did not upgrade to premium after I bought the 6months package … no live chat for my account … and no email or something after I bought the premium, I don’t know what happen …


Bummer, I have domains with Hostinger, so I get live chat access that way. Hope they fix it for you.


so sad, hope the admin will solve my issue, i have project with a deadline T_T


Hmmm, wait a second, what happens when you login to hostinger?


my issue has been solve, there was a delay … the payment was on pending on the server side i think :slight_smile: … thank you hostinger … and thank you guys