Password Protecting Page


Hi Everyone,
I’m building a website with a page I want to be password protected.
I went to the Cpanel and went into security and clicked for a new Password Protection for my page, but I get a little stuck on Directory to protect! What does it mean?

Can someone please help?


@harryduper If you want to protect your website…then use forward slash “/”.


If you want protected type /public_html/private etc


I Get to this screen here and i get stuck.
Do I Type the …/public_html into the box next to the text or not?
I will put a link down below to my page I want to protect if someone can
My page I want to protect


@harryduper Just type “/” in the box which is next to “…/public_html”

To see the changes…
Close the browser and open it again…then load your website, you will be asked for authentication.


thanks, but I want to password protect a employees page, not the home page.


ohh i see…

Create a “Employee Directory” and then move “employees page” to “Employee Directory”.
Now instead of “/”…type “Employee Directory”(to protect)
*Note:- Rename employees page to “index.html or index.php” after moving to “Employee Directory”.


Thank You SOOOO Much!!!