Password Reset Error


Unable to reset CPanel password. Sent email to the contact email address, but got a reply asking me to post it in the forum. So here I am.

Error screen shot below:


Error message: Captcha was not solved correctly


Hi, were you even shown a Captcha to solve? If not, try refreshing the page and clearing your browser cache.

If neither of those work, I can send a password reset email to that email address and as long as you have access, you can follow the rest of the steps yourself.


No, that was the surprising thing! I did not see the captcha for me to do anything!

In any case, I have followed your advice and cleatred the browser cache and rebooted my PC, also tried different PC. Still the same issue.

If you can send me a reset link, as you suggest, that will be great! Thank you for the prompt response!


Hi @muruganyahoo!

I have sent you a password reset link :slight_smile:


Thank you, I have reset my password and everything is fine now!

Thank you once again for the quick response! You are awesome!


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