Personal, Minecraft Mods, Sample PHP Scripts


My theory has been to build myself a site from scratch, with everything made myself (to a certain extent of course), learning on my own as I go. It features/will feature information about myself, my Minecraft Mods (with downloads), my other coding endeavors, and soon a means of hiring me as a low-cost amateur web-designer and programmer.

For the moment, since content is somewhat lacking, I would really appreciate opinions on the layout, design, and look of the website. In addition, those using Opera, Safari, Chrome, or Linux browsers, could view it and relay and deficiencies back to me.

P.S. - Be nice. :wink:


The layout and design is really nice but the text and links could be more visible. The site looks clean and is easy to navigate through. Obviously, more content is required and In any case, good luck!


Thanks! :slight_smile: What do you mean more visible? I figured on some monitors the background could perhaps make distinguishing characters of text difficult, but adding a second background didn’t really look right. Any suggestions?


The drop down navigation links go under the ad on pages where there is no content, and thy and the text are not visible.

In rest it’s a really good site while I wish you good luck.


Oh, yeah the menu going underneath the ads won’t be a problem in the future, once I get around to adding content to those pages.


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