Personal Store/Showcase - Need Codebreakers


Hi guys!

I’m currently a college student and a computer geek, and have recently taken to building cheap custom computers and selling them online. One of snags I’ve run into though is that my customers on eBay have wanted to see what some of my other builds are even though I may not have them available on eBay. I’ve decided to use 000webhost as my host [even though I sometimes regret it].

So I built this little thing:

It’s just simply a showcase/store where you can see all of my builds and other products that I sell, and links to the ones which I currently have in inventory (although not all of my models are listed yet).

Here’s what I need from you. One of the features of the site is that you can actually request a model and I’ll build it on the spot even though I may not necessarily have it in inventory. It features a lot of mySQL rich beginner php code which I need to debug and have tested for secureness.

All you have to do is visit one of my product pages and use the “Request It” feature. You can fill in completely fake information however you’ll have to remember the information as I also need the order tracking system tested. I ask that you do use a real, or throwaway email address however as you’ll receive a link in an email detailing how to track the [fake] order.

Don’t worry about your email address as I won’t sell it or anything like that, the tabled containing will be dumped within a couple days anyway.

Please, try to break it. I guarantee you won’t actually be able to ‘hack’ anything, however, if you do, you won’t get anything as everything is empty. I just need to know where the bugs are and what I need to improve.

If you have any suggestions or comments, let me know.