Phone number verification


Same issue here.
Was able to register my phone number on 1 account.
Registering my phone number again on another account does not work :frowning:


I sent three texts with the Canadian number issued 0012049000090 but the screen stays there, 10 minuntes, 30 minutes. 12 minutes. Its really becoming discouraging. Is there something going on with the servers?


@fbeleno have you tried everything posted here?

My phone verification

I tried out most but none worked except the Great Britain number. Try it out y’all.


Hi, and Argentina?, SMS is not working, i tried with every number. Can verification through mail?


I am from the U.S and I tried every number and tried using it like 1-815-600-8600. Nothing still


I have unlimited texting…will I be charged anything else with all of these multiple attempts? And if I tried the other international numbers will I be charged international charges?


Still not aible to get a verification.
None of the given numbers seem to be working!


i can’t send message Phone number verification from Egypt


What about Russian users? I send sms. Confirmation is not working.


I’m from Australia, and I found a way to make it work. You should text this number: 001118156008600.


What do I do from India…?


¿Pudiste verificar tu número de teléfono? Tengo el mismo problema y ya he probado los otros números


Hi, I’m from Colombia. I tried all the other numbers but the messages don’t send. I really want to have access to FTP. Please help me, do you have another alternative for verify phone number?


None of these is working.

Error in the service has lasted quite long.

File manager is useless because one can only transfer files TO server, not FROM it. I need to make a back up of my files.

Using unreliable third party services gives a poor name fot the whole thing.


Acabei de me inscrever e nao consigo a confirmação do meu telefone


None of the phone numbers listed are working for me.
I am sure you have one for Finland.


There is a large number of clients who have successfully verified their phone numbers from Finland to 0018156008600 number


I have been trying for several day all the numbers. Maybe that has worked in the past but is definitely not doing it currently.

Please, ask your service provider to check status. Thanks!


Hola, tienes que marcar el numero asi +18156008600, yo soy de colombia tambien y me funciono.