Phone number verification


Would you, please, answer here what is the situation with this account confirmation?

I have three days work on your server I can´t get out from there.


We have thousands of clients who have successfully verified their phone numbers.


You didn't read what Twilio answered: their service block SMS confirmation but occasionally few may get trough.

What is your suggestion for getting my data out from the server? I need ftp for 10 mins.

After almost 150 times trying SMS verification it seems unlikely to succeed.


Doesnt works :S not for me


Please tell me how to send SMS from Russia. I try all numbers - not valid.
Help me


I've tried SMS verification now about 200 times. It hasn't succeeded. Twilio says that their system shouldn't be used for that purpose because it blocks those messages (only few exceptions may occur). So I believe I'm wasting my time trying.

Question: if I upgrade my account will there be another way to access FTP?

I have several days work on the server. I need to get a copy of that.


i'm from egypt .i tried all numbers that you put here but they don't work with i would like a number to egypt please.


Hello Andrius, I can't verify my number either, i' m from ecuador. can you help me pls?


Doesn't work for me (in Sweden)


nvm Germany worked in Sweden :slight_smile:


Lucky you! I have now about 250 sent messages, none went through.

And even no answer would it help to pay for account upgrade...


I tried today again about 30 times to all of these numbers. Not working.

Would you please answer my question: would upgrading account give other choices?

And again: Twilio says their service does not allow SMS verification (but once in a while the system may leak and it could work).

I´ve sent now several hours these messages. I have three days work on the server I need to get out.


Hey, guys.

I am from Russia and I tried several times to reach U.S., Germany and France numbers, but them not worked. After all I tried to reach U.S. number with international code (+1) and it's working fine - +18156008600. So, now my account is verified.

Hope, that will work for someone else.


Worked! Thanks for the tip.


i have same problem ! im from iran


I finally managed to get my phone number verification.



I´m getting really tired and pissed with this mess.


Hello, I also could not complete my registration, no number worked, I have sent several sms and so far nothing. Help admin! I from Brazil...


Hi all,

I tried several times to verify my phone number, sending the sms as requested but it doesn't seem to work. Did anyone have the same issue? What can I do?
i from TAIWAN



just skip phone verification process. It is not mandatory.


I’m in the United States and when I tried to verify my number it said it couldn’t send the text because it was an invalid number.