Photography site


I am trying to build this with Dreamweaver. I don’t have a clue how to work the program though. Any help would be appreciated.


How far did you get with it? Did you get it installed on your computer, how far did you get? If I were you, Id search on google if you need help with programming the auctual site.


I have Dreamweaver installed and I have figured out the very basic design, I forgot to include the link:


Ok, so where do you need help?


Well the photos are based off of my brother flickr account. Is there anyway to have my site take the photos directly off of flickr when new ones are added. Basically is there a way to make it update itself automatically?


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Thanks for that info, but the people who are viewing this site are people in the middle of nowhere with very slow connections. I want to avoid as much info as possible that would need to be sent to the client. Any ideas?


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I have the images to the right size, that isn’t the problem. Nevermind.


Kickarse website. Love the pics, but get higher def for the front page. Also, don’t use dreamweaver, it is teh sux.


If I shouldn’t use Dreamweaver what should I use. Also I am trying to keep load times down for the few people who go to my site who are on dailup. I am putting the large higher def pictures as individual links under each picture.


Id say use Visual Web Developer:

It should be able to do what ur trying to do.


What sizzlefire sayd.

Dreamweaver produces invalid XHTML and loads slowly.


I will give it a try


Good. Also, you could use a dynamic thing…


What is a “dynamic thing”


I think you would have done very well, maybe you will also find useful tips on how to start a photography blog


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You can use NetBeans IDE to build your website easily. It suggest code when you type one or two single letter. I have also created my website with Netbeans IDE.