PHP code ends with >


I don’t know why, but on my site php code ends with >


What do you mean? :slight_smile:


PHP code usually ends with ?> but on my site it ends with >


And site looks like this


Be sure to use
<?php to open
?> to close


I think that you used a shortened php tag. And everything inside it is commented out.

The server probably does not accept shortened php tags. so like @ckhawand said, use <?php and ?> :smiley:


My page is the same
everything between

<?php echo 'test daty' ?>

does not work and the browser sees as
<! -? Php
echo ‘date test’


Try adding a semicolon( ; ) after ‘test daty’.


You can enable short tags if you need.


If I have a code

<?php echo 'test daty'; ?>

The website sees it as