Php in zyro [need attach php script]


Please someone help …
Is there anyway to use php in zyro
i need attach a php script to zyro site
is there an ay


Zyro site content is already written in PHP.


I need attach my own PHP on site but zyro advanced->html isnt allowing me to do so …

BtW another thing…
Is it possible to make scroll smooth like the scroll animation instead of directly jumping
i need it as im using anchor links


Zyro is website builder. If you need PHP then you are an advanced user which website builder is not designer for.


So now i downloaded my site file of zyro “1.php”

can anyone Give me a correct script for animate ? that i put in and then all “a” tags are animated without any work of onclick or something :slight_smile: ? Please


I don’t think there is any easier way than using on click for smooth scrolling