Please help me out in here


After setting up cloudflare settings properly and changing my wordpress site url, my site theme reset. please help me out, I’ve been designing for days now :cry:

url is


I need to get the former fonts, site layouts back please I need help @Supun :sob:


Hi @QuinnRoyalty

I can see is working fine. What is the problem with it?


now I can’t get into admin dashboard


the design has changed, it wasn’t like that before, it was a full screen slider and a gold accent color not red


and the logo is there anymore and the pictures of a musician all gone! I spent days working on the website.


It’s something related to WP.

You have to wait to @akhilkumar332
He will help you.

@akhilkumar332 :point_up:


Try now?


yeah it’s working now but the design…


I don’t think I’ll be able to wait for him.


So if you can’t wait what will you do? :confetti_ball:


I’ll have to start redesigning. @akhilkumar332 is a very busy person


Someone called me…I’m here…:sweat_smile:


@QuinnRoyalty is your issue solved??


Regarding this issue, i would say, Cookies need to be enabled on your browser.

Plz enable Cookies in your browser from settings and then try again.


yaaaaaay. you around… sweet


this has been solved already


Just tag me if i’m not around for help :wink:


@akhilkumar332 this is what I was talking about


I changed my wordpress url and my theme reset back