Please use an email address from a reputable email provider (like GMail or Yahoo)! Any user facing this issue ,check this thread!


It’s because 000webhost no longer allows this. Sorry.


Coped & Thanks.

However, one of my website and sub-domain, all of sudden are not accessible. The browser responded with
You don’t have permission to access / on this server.
Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request."
I was able to access it yesterday.


  1. my new verified mail address:
  2. my old panel email address:
  3. my free subdomain please unlock:


new email:
old panel:
my subdomain:

please unlock my domain. thank you.


@electron3921 should now be able to be registered by yourself hopefully, try and post back please.


@sexiweb3921 should be able to be registered by yourself hopefully, try and post back please.


Unfortunately I can not add to because “subdomain already taken”

new email:
old panel:
my subdomain:

please unlock again. thank you very much!


@electron3921 Try it now :wink:


This subdomain is already taken. message comes, again :frowning:


Now it should work…


thank you, my domain ‘’ added succesfuly,
but FTP not work & can’t upload my site contents (with TotalCom but your FTP client also not work)


One part of 000webhost network is experiencing downtimes. Please be patient and try again later.

We are sorry for inconvenience :sweat:


thank you! no problem, im waiting for it… :slight_smile:


I’m deleted the website ‘multilateral-compla’ what you give me randomly, and my subdomain ‘’ already linked here. But FTP not work and deleted all.
I’m generated new website ‘sudoriferous-play’ what you give me, and here the FTP work fine, but when I try link to ‘’ domain, error messages come.
Please help me & unlock it.
Thank you very much!


error message: specified virtual host already exists (?)


This happen because your website is not deleted yet (however in database it appears as being deleted).

I think this problem occurred because of recent downtime. Please be patient.

If the problem persists, I will forward this to the administrators. :wink:


new email:
old panel - when my subdomain linked -
please unlock this subdomain:
thank you!


1)If you face such issue…then, verify another new email address.

Things users need to mention in the post:-
1)Your new verified mail address(mihaly,
2)Your old panel mihaly,
3)Your free subdomain or custom domain name…
Please unlock this subdomains, thank you!


@klajdi369 your email has been updated try now to link your free subdomain.

Go to “Set Web Address” – “Add Domain” – “Free Sub Domain”