Point your free domain to 000webhost from Freenom using nameservers


To get on the road go and get your free domain - visit Freenom firstly http://www.freenom.com

Type your website in the box and search!

Now you’ve got a few choices, choose the best looking domain for you.

I’ve choosen 000webhostme.ga (000webhost mega)
Now I’ve got to set the NAMESERVERS to NS01.000WEBHOST.COM and NS02.000WEBHOST.COM

Enter your email address to verify your domain

Visit your email and confirm the domain

Fill in your details and confirm the domain again

Now your domain should be registered and already pointing to 000webhost!


Visit this to double check it has updated the nameservers

Yep all systems go!

Now over to 000webhost.com to sign our newly registered domain up for some lovely free hosting!

Once linked your content will now display when visiting your new free domain name!

Please take care when setting up scripts on yourfreedomain.ga and yourcontent.000webhostapp.com, make sure scripts like WordPress are set to use HTTP only and for them to use yourfreedomain.ga and not yourcontent.000webhostapp.com once you are up and running.

Domain xxx CNAME must be pointed to xxx.000webhostapp.com
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