"Powered by 000Webhost" blocking footer


So somehow, the “Powered by 000webhost” banner at the bottom of the page has blown up in size and is blocking the footer. I am on the basic membership, not premium, etc. Is there a way I can change the size back to the original size? Thanks


Hi @kiyomi!

Please go to 000webhost cPanel > Settings > General > Turn off banner, clear your browser cache and try again.


@kiyomi Can you try this?
Place this piece of code in you css file or between style tags.

body > div:last-child {

width : 200px!important;
height: 50px!important;



I have no 000webhost cPanel > Settings > General


You have that.
Login to 000webhost cPanel
Then Hit Manage For Your Website
Then In The navigation bar, hit settings
Then Hit general