Problem with Session


i have a problem with the $_SESSION in my website.

I have 2 pages :
$_SESSION[‘email’] = ‘test’;
header(‘Location: /2.php’);


but i obtain NULL because the Session it’s not fonctionnaly…
Can you help me ?


Did you use session_start() in both pages?


Yes, sorry i have edit my page :wink:
With Wampserver my page is functionnaly…


Is the problem solved now?


No, because i need to use 000webhost and it’s not functionnaly…


Please give me your webaddress


This is my webadress : HIDDEN


Akismet has temporarily hidden my post, you have the web adress ?


Can you remove header function for a while?


it’s a test page, the header it’s not present :wink:
1.php and 2.php it’s only php code for Session


Remove above line


i have remove this line


Use print_r instead of var_dump :wink:


Ok, it’s done but nothing is displayed


Looks like you are using special quotations
Please use ’ instead of ‘


@SkyReezHD Add this in your “.htaccess” file and then try again,

php_flag output_buffering on


@ckhawand i have test but the problem persist…

akhilkumar332 i have test but no changement…


@SkyReezHD Clear your browser cache and data and then try again.

But don’t remove this from your .htaccess file.


no changement ! ^^
Session is NULL in 2.php

It’s a problem with the server no ?


What is the website in question?