Problems with my parked domain


Hi, I need your help.

I have parket an existing domain in your hositng, but I can not park it. I have tried lots of times, but it’s unsuccesful.

I have just called my domain company, and it’s all ok there (the name servers ns01 and ns02 are correct there), but in your app, It’s always waiting for the name servers…

Any idea??

Thank you so much.

P.S.: I have read lots of posts about that, and I can’t find the solution


Sorry…my hosting page is I can tell you my domain if necessary


I can’t find domain pointed to your website.

Can you screenshot your “set web address” page?



Did you add 000webhost nameservers in your domain control panel?


Yes…here is a capture


Can you hit Manage>Recheck nameservers?


Of course.

I have just rechecked them, but it’s still “waiting for nameservers”



Any solution? Thank you for your help


Can you try settings the nameservers again?