Problems with PHP scripts


проблема загрузил свой сайт заходишь нанего и все изкажено подскажите что делать ?

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Hi @lmz88!

000webhost no longer allows short PHP tags, such as <? / ?>.

Please replace them with the traditional <?php / ?> ones, or if you still want to continue using the short tags, please check out this topic:


Also, please consider downgrading your PHP version, to prevent compatibility issues: cPanel > Settings > General > Change PHP version > 5.6


сами измените плиз не очень разбираюсь к впс права есть на это


I have corrected a part of your website. The main one. However the documents from /pages have unenclosed PHP tags, that’s why they may render incorrectly.

Please download your pages using a FTP client and correct the scripts manually.