Profile & facebook connecting to unlock features


How can one complete their profile by connecting to facebook? Obviously, 000webhost is aware that this cannot be done, but your free site is useless to me without all of the features enabled.

Thank You,


Connecting your account to facebook just completes your account information, not more than this :slight_smile:

What features are you referring to that are disabled? :confused:


I thought I read that we will have cPanel access? Perhaps I need to complete installation of a WP theme prior? Just want to make sure I’m not missing out on anything, because it did say the profile needed to be complete to unlock everything available.

Thank You for your quick response!


Ah, you got it wronf perhaps, we meants by cpanel, the custom panel, that was built exclusively by 000webhost developers for 000webhost users.

Just tell me what features you are referring to and I will be more than happy to tell you if they are available or not here.

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It said the Control Panel Features were “Latest Cpanel”, so I assumed it was cPanel. It’s all good, thank you so much!