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PSDaddy is a new website which offers you with free (and premium) photoshop tutorials, and add ons.

The site is currently being worked on, and there are currently not many tutorials, or download - however please take a look at it, and post your comments so far:


I think its nice. It could use plenty more content though. When I went to tutorials, only a few came up. Some of the categories had nothing in them.


I really like the site and the layout is nice while as pointed already, there needs to be more content. Also, since you are focusing on Photoshop (adobe), you could also make tutorials on workflows, for example, using PS and AI to create graphics and import them into flash or Dreamweaver.


The site looks smexy, and professional. Love it :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback guys!

I will be adding more content as time goes by (the reason why some categories don’t show tutorials, is because there are only two tutorials on the site). I have been focusing mainly on the layout, and the backend of the site.

Anyways, thanks again!


You’re doing a great job, keep at it :slight_smile:


As stupid as this sounds, you should include a tutorial on how to install the trial of photoshop so that users without photoshop can follow the tutorials. I went to install it today (my comp had issues and I had to reinstall a ton of stuff) and I didn’t realize that Adobe changed the way you download trials now. You have to have Air installed to be able to download them. I obviously didn’t have any trouble, but there will probably be plenty of users that will.


what template you use??


Very good service. I like it to be nice if you add some extras. Go on !


Doesn’t work:


Why am I seeing this page?

Is there anything that I can do?

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Quick one please, has anyone ever got this to work by any chance?


I think this was already taken out totally.