Public_html has correct files, but website is not showing up


Hello all! I am extremely new to website building, and I just need a little direction. I bought a domain ( and I am trying to get this website to display what i have placed into public_html. Now what has been dropped into that folder is the index file and some other folders of things i need for my website (which works on a local host using xampp). Maybe if someone can explain to me how it is supposed to work, but I think I have done everything properly, but is unpingable.


it will work after uploading the files to publc_html…u need to wait…for website to go online…becoz u are setting up for the first time!!!

u need to wait upto 6hrs or may br 12hrs as per my experience


I’m pretty sure that the 000webhost servers have been configured not to respond to pings, so I wouldn’t use that as a sign of whether or not your site is up. If I try to visit it, I get the following:

So, while it’s clearly not reading your index file like you want, there IS something there. I haven’t experienced any delay between uploading the files and getting the site launched, however. What file format is your index file? .html, .php, .asp, something else?


Clear your browser/cache/data

cmd.exe on Windows PC and run ipconfig /flushdns