Publish Your 000webhost Website to Google


This tutorial will show you how to publish your 000webhost website to Google. This process is quick and easy and does not require anything other than a Google Account. You will be able to use a and/or your custom domain connected to 000webhost to publish your website.

1. Getting Started

To Get Started, first go to: This will take you to the main Google Webmaster website. On that page, there will be a button labeled “Search Console”. Click this button to be taken to the Google login screen.

[details=2. Log In to Your Google Account]On the next screen, you will be prompted to login to a Google Account or verify that it is really you logging in. After you have completed these steps, you will be taken to the Dashboard where you can add your website.




[details=3. Add Your Website]When you log in for the first time, you will be greeted with the welcome screen. Here, you will be prompted to enter your website. Enter your website address into the box and click “Add Property”.



[details=4. Upload Verification File]Once you have added your 000webhost website to the Google Web Console, you will have to upload a verification file to your website. This file verifies that you own the domain. You will want to click on the file to download it to your computer.



[details=5. Login to the 000webhost File Manager]Now, you need to upload the file that you just downloaded. You can do this from: or by using an FTP Client. Once you open the file from your computer, click “Upload”. This will upload the website to your website. Now, you will want to go back to Google and open the link that leads to your website. This will ensure that the file is uploaded correctly directly in the public_html folder. At the link, you should see one line of text generated by Google. If you see this, you have correctly uploaded the file. Now you can verify that your human and go on to the next step.



[details=6. Go to “All Messages”]In “All Messages”, there will be a new message from Google. In the message, click “Add Site” and then “Add Property”. This will take you to a link to add another version of your website.



[details=7. Add Another Version of Your Website]Now, you will want to add the "https"version of your website to Google. Click “Add Property” and enter your website address with “https://” before it excluding the parentheses.



That’s it! In a few days, your website should be crawled and published to Google. Enjoy the more traffic to your website!

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me! :slight_smile:

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