Purchased Pro Plan, Still Sleeping


I purchased a pro plan, paid for it… but my website is still sleeping ?



Ah, then login here and hit the migrate button


I am having no luck with that… I don’t see a “merge” button or option ?


I did a seach for “merge”, found no hits ?


Then, hit the dragon icon, and ask their support to migrate it for you


Am I going to lose all the links I set up to app-1509706150.000webhostapp


Nobody is manning their support page right now…


Hi @speedvisionx!

Please contact Hostinger Support and ask them to move your sites to the new servers.


Hostinger said…

Hello, we don’t merge accounts but simply transfer everything from 000webhost to Hostinger

you would lose the 000webhostapp URL so if you really need it I can cancel your hostinger account as requested


If I’m going to lose the URL I’ve been working on, I lose all the work I have done… my links are all set up to use that URL.


What links are set up to use that URL?


All the links I’m working on. I have multiple applications referencing the files I’ve set to share. I’ll have to change all the referring links and application to a new URL if I move.


You can keep the old 000webhostapp URL and set up a redirect using .htaccess to your new Hostinger URL :wink:


I will check to see if I can do that, is it possible to get website out of sleeping (been sleeping for 8 hours now) so I can work on it ?


You website does not sleep now.

Please clear your browser cache and try accessing it again.


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I just purchase a single web to avoid sleeping ,
but i don’t know how to set up because i want to keep 000webhostapp URL.
it is possible ?


Hmmm, just upload uour files there, and we’ll setup htaccess redirect.