[READ] FTP maintenance


Are you experiencing issues logging onto file manager? Or using FileZilla/FTP clients to upload/download/manage your files?

There is a window of maintenance so users may not be able to access their file manager or use FTP during this time.

Hopefully the issue will be resolved soon and staff will update when fixed.

Update: Almost all problem with FTP and File manager are fixed. Only small amount of users may still experience some disturbance

I cant't entry in file manager
Can't upload files to ftp due file quota exceed but in reality it isn't


Hi, do we have any update on FTP services availability ?



Could be a few hours; staff are aware & will post an update themselves once resolved; sorry.


What a bad timing to do a Maintenance D: I was uploading my Project… When will the Maintenance end?


As soon as all issues are solved; what is your website Shutter?

Have a look at http://www.wampserver.com/en/ if that helps you in the meantime to develop etc


Is there any update on this issue???


Staff will post when resolved; it may be 4-5 hours.


Well thats unfortunate…


It is but needs must, hopefully this will be the issue resolved for good once they post an update.


Any updates on the issue ? or estimated time until the ftp is up?


Now it is 11 hours that I can not access my FTP :frowning: Really really frustrated!


Same here. I know 000Webhost is working on it, and I know they are professionals, but do they know even why this is happening??? It’s now been multiple hours for me, and I really want to add an update to my website!!!


But I’m glad that Infinity is trying to help us!


Has the issue been resolved yet, or do you know how much longer to resolve? Thank you!


Will this be fixed soon? I have been trying to edit my files these past 2 days! :frowning:


when will be ftp maintenance ready to work. tell me correct time ,i want to host my website soon


hello sir please fixed issue fast its urgent …


Decided to do a little update on my site, and I thought I kept typing my password in incorrectly on WinSCP. Very glad that you guys posted this announcement, as I was tripping out haha.

Thank you all for the updates, and for the free webhosting. I very much appreciate it and look forward to the service being restored.


Mines telling me i only have a max. of 35mb instead of 1000?? trying to upload