[READ] FTP maintenance


Hmm are you able to use a zip splitter function?


try now! worked?? :slight_smile:


Yes, finally after having reset the password several times and requiring me to reset via email, I was able to get to my files and update thru the file Manager. I was then able to reset the password back and still access my files. I’m not sure why all these steps were necessary, but things are back to normal…for now.


I still cant upload files, am still being redirected back to the website list page


I logged out, cleared data and logged back in to resolve that issue of wrongly being redirected.

Can you connect using the likes of FileZilla?


I cant do anything at all


Can you hit Infinity & send over your email & password for 000webhost.com?

Else you can wait for Skirmis to reply.


wheres is the option to send a private message?


hi Sir till this moment i can’t access my file manager also FileZilla


Hit message.


Still some issues;

Takes back to website list instead of File Manager

FileZilla unable to connect 530 even though correct password
Tried to reset to new password 3 times and waited then connected still same issue.


It says that almost all problems with FTP and File manager are fixed. I am still not able to use either. I guess I am one of the few still with problems. Clicking on File manager redirects me and I just end up back on the previous page.

I will try changing my ftp password as others have and see if that helps.

Update: Changing password worked as well.



Great to hear!

Anyone still suffering problems hopefully Skirmis replies with a solution; it may be they just need to adjust something for the remaining accounts affected.

All of my accounts are back working though! :smiley:



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I still cant upload files, and am still being redirected


I tried to check this out for you but I couldn’t get logged in.