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What topics are not allowed to post and reasons:

**1. Do not post threads with subjects like “HEEELP MEE!!”, “My site is not working”, “cannot enter my website”, “my site is down!!”. **
You must contact our helpdesk if you have any website access problems. Moderators don’t have any access to user database so they will not be able to help you.

2. Do not submit multiple threads about the same issues - all your topics will be deleted.

**3. No requests about ‘account was suspended for mass mail’, or ‘why my account was canceled for abuse’. **
Contact helpdesk about it, moderators don’t have access to helpdesk, so you will not receive any help on forum.

4. Do not submit PM’s to moderators, it will not be answered.

**5. Discussions about affiliate program will be deleted. **

  • This forums doesn’t have such section, so post becomes irrelevant.
  • Affiliate program is managed by other company. All signups made by affiliates are owned by and they only have access to affiliate program helpdesk, so if you have any issues about it, please use contact form in affiliates area.

6. Duplicated questions will be deleted

Before posting ANY topic, please search forums for answers to your questions. It’s possible that all your questions were answered already. Member, who will post questions which were answered already, will be warned. 2nd posting of question (which was answered in forum already) will lead to account ban. All members, who will participate in these topics, will be warned too (including administrators and moderators). Moderators should delete these topics. Updated on 2008-06-22

**7. Please follow other forum rules **stated here. Failure will lead to your thread deletion.

Thank you for your time!