Rederct to http


thanks they fix the Error 500 problem but am still with the redirect to HTTP version for some of my pages


To me all URLs are ok over HTTP.

What is the URL with the problem?


this one


It is working fine for me.


yes the page is working but the page doesn’t show the frame i have i have in it


I want to ue HTTP iframe inside https protocol


Why don’t you use https iframe?


cuz the game only support HTTP protocol but its kinda ok right now I made a guide on how to fix this problem on the game page you can check it to see if it will fix the problem check the link above to see if this guide is enough to fix the problem


and thanks for the help


You are almost welcome :slightly_smiling_face: and we are very happy to see you fixed everything.

If you have any other problem feel free to open a topic.